Restorative Justice

Victim/Offender Intervention Service (VOIS) is a voluntary program that provides an opportunity for individuals directly affected by crime to actively participate in dealing with the consequences of that crime. The goal of the program is for the parties most affected to have an opportunity to address:

  • What happened

  • How it felt when it happened

  • Why it happened, and

  • What is needed for restitution and/or reparation

Potential Benefits for Victims:

An opportunity to actively participate in the process of resolving the incident.

An opportunity to express frustration, loss or trauma as a result of the crime.

An increased chance of receiving restitution or reparation. An opportunity to be more fully informed:

    -about the incident (motive, method, background of the      offender)

about the offender (what kind of person is this?)
about the Criminal Justice System and its processes.

An opportunity to experience a sense of closure.

Potential Benefits for Offenders:

An opportunity to be aware of the harm suffered by victims and the community.

An opportunity to “make it right” with the victim, to acknowledge responsibility and to do whatever is reasonable and possible to make amends.

To be more fully informed:
about the Criminal Justice System and its processes
-about the impact of criminal actions on the victim and the community.

An opportunity to fully participate in finding a fair and reasonable way to resolve the incident.