Reporting Sexual Misconduct

To report Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, or Sexual Misconduct you can contact any of the following people:

1.      Any Department of Correctional Services staff member.

2.      The Residential Manager for the facility in which the offender resides or the incident occurred.

         Waterloo Womenís Center for Change: Bob Ames 319-292-1319

         Waterloo Residential Facility: Jon Reeg 319-292-1279

         Dubuque Residential Facility: Wendy Lyons 563-585-5267

         West Union Residential Facility: Gene Bries 563-422-5758 ext. 1626

3.     Ross Todd, PREA Coordinator 319-292-1263

4.      Iowa Department of Corrections 1-800-778-1182

5.      Iowa Ombudsmanís Office 1-888-426-6283


Third parties, including other facility residents, staff members, family members, attorneys, and outside advocates may assist offenders in filing requests for administrative remedies relating to allegations of sexual abuse, sexual harassment or sexual misconduct, and may also file such requests on behalf of offenders.

If a third party files such a request on behalf of a resident, the facility may require as a condition of processing the request that the alleged victim agree to have the request filed on his or her behalf, and may also require the alleged victim to personally pursue any subsequent steps in the administrative remedy process.