Our Board of Directors

The 2017 Board of Directors Chair is Frank Magsamen of Black Hawk County.   Asterisk (*) denotes Executive Committee.

Board of Directors 2017
Appointing Authority Name
Allamakee County Larry Schellhammer*
Black Hawk County Frank Magsamen*
Buchanan County Gary Gissel
Chickasaw County Tim Zoll*
Clayton County Ray Peterson
Delaware County Shirley Helmrichs
Dubuque County Jay Wickham
Fayette County Darrel Dolf*
Grundy County Chuck Bakker
Howard County Pat Murray
Winneshiek County Floyd Ashbacher*
First District Judicial Jim Hellman
First District Judicial Linda Hall*
First District Judicial Linda Nilges
Eastern Advisory John Shook
Northeast Advisory    
Western Advisory Bob Greenlee*

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